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Email privacy

Privacy is a right, not a feature.


No spying, no ads, no spams, no trackers, no sollicitations, no backdoor access, NSA and PRISM-free, hosted in Belgium.


State of the art security features protect your email privacy at all times. Encryption, 2-factor authentication...


We comply with the Belgian laws (only a federal judge with a court order can request some information. But it's very unusual).

Emails and more

Put all your webtools where they're safe


Mailfence has developed its own email services. No third parties ! Great for your privacy and protection.


Put your private appointments in our user-friendly calendar tool. It's handy to use and to share securely.


Safely store all your documents. Edit online and share them with one click.


Import your contacts from all your different accounts into Mailfence. Easy and much safer.

Our story

We strongly believe that Internet privacy is an absolute and definitive right.

So we decided it was time to offer a service fully dedicated to email privacy. We double-checked each line of code, hardened our servers and worked hard to find a SSL certificate with no American company involved in the certification chain (not that easy to find). We also did tons of other stuff. We can not guarantee that the service is perfect but we are pretty sure that it's a fairly secure and private. At least, with far better respect for privacy than what the American giants offer.

We believe that online privacy is a right and therefore pledge to donate 15% of all income to associations that defend rights in the digital world.

We are not a fancy rock'n roll style company. We are cautious, reliable, stable and honest.
We do serious things but with fun and are on the scene since 1999.

Take back your privacy.

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Emails 200 MB 5 GB 20 GB
Documents 250 MB 9 GB 24 GB
Calendars Limited
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Contacts Limited
1000 contacts
Groups 1 Group
2 users
3 Groups
10 users
5 Groups
20 users
2-factor authentication
Your domain & alias
Synchro iPhone, Androïd ...
Data recovery
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Mailfence supports the fight for digital rights.

We donate 15% of the Pro plan revenues to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the European Digital Rights Foundation.

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